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Learn about RAD Certificates, result forms, medals

Getting RAD Exam Ready!

What is the Royal Academy of Dance?

The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organizations, with its global headquarters in London. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to dance.

The RAD’s patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and our President is Dame Darcey Bussell, DBE. With 13,000 members in 89 countries and 36 offices, Have an incredible global network of passionate and skilled employees, teachers and members, each shaping and influencing the future of dance.

Our higher education programs are regulated and a recent inspection found the RAD to be an ‘outstanding’ provider of initial teacher education. The RAD’s examinations are recognized by Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and contribute to UCAS points.

There are currently over 1,000 students in full-time or part-time dance teacher training programs and each year the RAD’s renowned classical ballet examination syllabus is taught to thousands of young people worldwide, with around a quarter of a million pupils per year going on to take our exams.

Established in 1920 by a group of eminent dance professionals representing the leading ballet styles of the period with the aim of improving the standards of dance teaching, initially in the UK, our founders would be proud of their legacy.


Certificates are fraud-proof and have a number of security features:

  • Secure parchment paper

  • Micro-numismatics (e.g. RAD Crest)

  • Advanced holograms (e.g. RAD Crest or Logo)

  • Specialist reactive inks

  • Advanced security numbering

  • Website document validation

  • Controlled secure papers & toners

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