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Ballet Rehersal


Dance Better. Live Better.


HDS Ballet is a prestigious ballet school established by artistic director, Junshuang Huang and Principal, Xiaochen Chen, in 2012. We, at HDS Ballet, strive to provide the best dance education possible to each and every one of our students. With a good education, comes responsibilities that the students and the parents of students must be aware of.



In order for students to achieve the highest level of education, their attendance is required. We understand that students have additional classes and events that happen outside of HDS, so we work hard to accommodate our attendance system to everyone.

Our policy allows students to miss a certain amount of classes, however, you MUST make up the missed class within the paid semester. Please also keep in mind that excessive absences are not allowed, as that would interrupt the student’s learning as well as the rest of the class. There are NO discounts for missed classes due to absences, holidays or bad weather.

Students are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of the class and be prepared (fully dressed and warmed up) before the commencement of classes. Students will not be admitted to class if they are more than 15 minutes late. This policy exists to ensure that classes are not overly disrupted by latecomers. This policy is especially important for classes consisting of younger students.


Tuition, Payment, and Credits

Our tuition is paid by semester and based on how long each class is. Prices for classes vary depending on the length of each class and what type of dance class it is. Prices can be calculated for you on your school account. PRICES ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE. NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS. Forms of payment that we accept are: Cash, Apple Pay, Chase Quickpay, PayPal, and credit cards (credit cards only acceptable through online registration). With the online account, we also use a credit system. Any overcharged fees, refunds, cancellations, etc. will be credited to your student account. 



If a student withdraws their enrolment before the end of a term, the full term’s fees will remain payable. At any time a student’s enrollment must officially be withdrawn by informing the principal, otherwise fees will continue to accumulate as the student’s place is held in the class. Students are advised to keep their own records of payments made for class fees.



The ballet classes at HDS are sorted out by age and skill. The youngest age we will accept students at is 4 years old, and they will start at the Pre-primary level. The older the new students are, we will ask them to come in for an audition try-out. They will attend a class that is respective to their age for 25 minutes to let the teacher evaluate the student. Afterward, the teacher will tell you which class is more suited for the student. Please remember that the teacher may suggest a lower or higher class. Students must follow the dress code when attending the audition try-out.

When registering for classes Grade 1 and above, students must be taking at least 3 hours of ballet class every week in order to register.

Upon enrollment, students must agree to not learn ballet from another school/studio. This allows Huang Dance Studio to teach our form of ballet without the interference of other versions of ballet that may hinder the students from learning properly. Students do not allow behalf of any other dance school/studio performance and competition.


Dress Code

Hair must be tightly secured away from the face for all classes. The proper dress attire is an important part of the class as it will help the teacher to correct proper body alignment and technique for the student. Please label your dancewear, shoes and bags; we will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. All students must wear the correct uniform for their classes, that includes leotards, tights, and ballet shoes. Each class has a certain color leotard to wear for the RAD, you can buy the ballet attires from the front desk.


Class Etiquette and Expectations

Dancers are expected to arrive on time to class wearing appropriate dancewear and shoes. Every student is expected to behave in a disciplined manner throughout the facility. There is no running, horseplay, or climbing on ballet barres allowed. Gum, food and drinks are not allowed in dance class. Excessive talking or unfriendly behavior does not promote a healthy atmosphere for learning. Huang dance studio reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct or attendance is found unsatisfactory. Visitors are not allowed in dance class. Students should be dropped off 5 minutes before class and promptly picked up after class. We are not responsible for students before and after their class time, and after they exit the studio. Please instruct your child to remain inside the studio for the duration of their time here at HDS. Please be advised we will not watch siblings of dancers before, during or after classes. Nor will friends be allowed to come into dance classes. Parents are not allowed inside the classrooms or are allowed to record dancers at any time unless specified by the teacher.

Phones must be turned to silent or off and put away so that they cannot be a distraction during class time. To maintain the safety and privacy of all at HDS, cameras should not be used while in class. Gossiping and physical/emotional bullying is not permitted and may result in temporary removal from the studio or even permanent dismissal.

Teachers will often need to touch a student to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, etc. Guardians should ensure that HDS is informed prior to classes commencing if this is not considered desirable or appropriate. All physical contact between teacher and student or between students should be light, appropriate and in full view at all times. Physical discipline is never used at HDS. Any inappropriate or indecent physical contact between staff, students or visitors must be reported immediately. In the event of an injury, physical contact may be required between a First Aider and injured student or visitor.

Dog Friendly

Private Lessons

For private lessons, please inquire with a teacher. Classes are scheduled by appointments only.

Age and Learning Hours Requirements


Minimum Age: 5

Required learning hrs./week : N/A

RAD EXAM learning hrs: N/A


Minimum Age: 6

Required learning hrs./week : N/A

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 40

Grade 1-2

Minimum Age: 7

Required learning hrs./week : N/A

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 70

Grade 3-5 (Audition)

Minimum Age: 7

Required learning hrs./week : 3

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 95

Grade 6-8 (Audition)

Minimum Age: 11

Required learning hrs./week : 3

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 130

Intermediate Foundation (Audition)

Minimum Age: 11

Required learning hrs./week : 4.5

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 275

Intermediate (Audition)

Minimum Age: 12

Required learning hrs./week : 4.5

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 275

Advanced Foundation (Audition)

Minimum Age: 13

Required learning hrs./week : 4.5

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 275

Advanced 1 (Audition)

Minimum Age: 14

Required learning hrs./week : 4.5

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 325

Advanced 2 (Audition)

Minimum Age: 15

Required learning hrs./week : 4.5

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 375

Solo Seal (Audition)

Minimum Age: 15

Required learning hrs./week : 6

RAD EXAM learning hrs: 240

Adults Classes

Class Registration

All Adults need a dance account in order to register for the class before the class starts. Adult students need to purchase dance cards instead of paying a tuition. Studio will pre-punch the total class number of times of the session before the class starts. Classes will be canceled if attendance is less than 6.



Adults students can drop in any classes that haven't sold out. Drop-ins still need to register a class under your account. To register, find the drop-in option, choose a drop-in date and drop in with payment only. Please note: Once the class is sold out, drop-in will NOT be available. 


Makeup classes 

When adults miss class for personal reasons, you are allowed to make up the class as long as it is made up within the current semester in any of the classes that you can find under your account. You don't have to do anything about makeup, our instructor will mark attendance after every class. 


Dance card

When your dance card expires or is out of punches, the system will auto-purchase the cheapest card for you and the balance will be applied to your account. Dance cards are not transferred, refundable or available for cash out.

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