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RAD Certificate helps save $400,000 tuition get into Wharton School of the University

Hello, I'm Isabelle An, and I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. My journey in the world of dance began at the age of five, but it was when I was eleven that I found my artistic home at HDS Ballet.

My time at HDS has been a profound learning experience. Through countless hours of rigorous training and dedicated rehearsals, I developed discipline, resilience, and a methodical approach to life. One pivotal aspect of my training was preparing for the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations. These exams exposed me to a different level of pressure, pushing me to adapt and thrive in various challenging situations.

Thanks to my training in classical ballet and my dedication to RAD exams, I became physically and mentally stronger. During my years at HDS Ballet, I passed multiple levels of RAD examinations. I had the privilege of dancing lead roles in ballets like Serenade and Sleeping Beauty and competing in national dance competitions. These opportunities helped me understand myself better and facilitated my personal growth.

One of the most valuable achievements for me was earning my RAD pass certificate. This certificate, recognized worldwide, not only represents my artistic achievements but also shows that I have the discipline to set goals and achieve them. It demonstrates my dedication to my craft and the ability to perform under pressure. My RAD pass certificate was more than just a piece of paper; it was a testament to the countless hours I had dedicated to my art.

When it came to applying for college, this certificate became a game-changer. It gave me a unique edge in my application. It showcased my commitment, passion, and determination—qualities that universities highly value. But perhaps the most significant impact was in the scholarship application process.

Many universities actively seek well-rounded students who excel not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. My RAD pass certificate made me a standout applicant. I was proud to share how this certification represented my artistic talents and achievements, adding depth and diversity to my application.

Thanks to my academic excellence and the uniqueness of the RAD certificate, I received a full four-year scholarship from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. This scholarship amounted to a savings of nearly $400,000 in tuition costs.

In a sense, RAD became my silent partner in my journey to college. It was more than just a certification; it was a symbol of my dedication, my passion for dance, and my ability to succeed under pressure. It's a testament to what one can achieve through hard work and perseverance.

As I continue my college journey, I plan to keep dance a part of my life. RAD will always hold a special place in my heart, as it not only helped shape me as a dancer but also opened doors that I never thought possible.

Isabelle An

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