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HDS 2024 Competition Company Public Audition

We are excited to announce that the HDS 2024 competition company auditions will take place on April 8th! This season, we are adding 20 more spots to raise our company member count to 80 dancers. We welcome serious dancers starting from 5+ Y/O to Adults Students who are interested in taking their dance skills to the next level and joining the HDS competition company to travel and compete around the state and nationally. We are also introducing new programs such as the High School Company Program and Elite Company Program in the upcoming season.

Auditions for our outstanding competition team will begin in the fall semester. As a member of the company, dancers will have the opportunity to learn and perform ballet and contemporary dances in solo/duet or group formats. Please note that auditioning is the only way to be selected for the company.

We encourage all interested dancers to prepare their best dance skills for the audition. We look forward to seeing you at the auditions!

Register: Login – More – Register for Classes – 2024 Company Audition – Submit – Finish Registration

Katy Campus

2024 Company Audition (5-8 Y/O) Saturday

6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Apr 8 to Apr 8

Katy Campus

2024 Company Audition (9+ Y/O)Saturday

7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Apr 8 to Apr 8

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